This is me. These are my photographs. 

I mostly photograph people, as a fly on the wall, a quick candid grabber or a one on one collaborator.

 I also photograph art work for reproduction, I like that too because it stays still and doesn't talk back which can be nice for a change. And of course, I love the people who make art. Color calibrated, cross polarized, ginormous files will make your art sing.

I photograph flowers too, but who doesn't in our state?  I've probably photographed too many cocktails (see Instagram feed below). 

I photograph children and childhood. I forgot to have them; but once safely out of that zone I decided that they were pretty cool.

 I also neglected to get married, a move that likely contributes to my absolute love of photographing weddings. I have photographed hundreds of weddings in backyards to Cathedrals from Jersey to Amsterdam, but mostly here in Oregon. I've got the technical down, and I've learned to roll well with the unique variables that each and every wedding presents. It's a wonderful adventure. 

I'm an Oregonian, a graduate of PNCA and live in close-in SE Portland. I'm here to serve.

Let's talk, I can't wait to hear all about it!

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